Essays on the Roots of Secularization

I am very (very) happy to announce that my second book has just been published by Peter Lang

Orphans of the One or the Deception of the Immanence – Essays on the Roots of Secularization

A Collection of Essays in Metaphysics and Epistemology which explore the evolution of the idea of the One and Many, seen as the key principle to understand the process of secularization and immanentization of the One in the West. This process rather than promoting the life of the many has caused their progressive loss of meaning and value at the moral level, whilst at the epistemological level has meant the creation of unsolvable problems for western philosophical thought.

In fact,the dichotomy of One and Many – where the One is seen as the identity of the form of thought, a self-evident truth to which Western thought has always tried to reduce the knowledge of phenomena - and the Many, as the dimension of change given in consciousness - is the key to understand and put in focus the most obstinate  metaphysical and epistemological problems of Western thought and the contemporary moral crisis of our culture.

What does it mean ‘to know’ since Parmenides formalized this dichotomy? And what is the relationship between the rational truth that is knowable by a self-identical thought and the life of the many - the temporal dimension which is given in consciousness?

The work starts from Parmenides’ transformation of the cosmogonic One, as the principle of everything, into the identity of thought and being. It continues through to modern thought which, as scientific thought, will transform the One into the One of mathematics which equalizes the many by reducing them to quantities. The book then follows through to contemporary post-modern thought whose relativism and nihilism ensues  from this equalization of the many.


  1. very keen to read this book,don't think bodleian has it,lancaster don't have it,rather expensive to buy,guess i need to get it on itnerlibrary loan.just great for my work on ricoeur and negation of happiness. heracltius ,parm,plaot aristotle, kant's negative magnitudes Alison

    1. If you would like I could send you a pdf - email me with your address. mine is

  2. Hallo, any chance of a pdf of your book as you suggested? i am enjoying time and reality


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